HOW TO : Modify Code in SAP Quality System

Modify code in SAP Quality System

Sometimes you get issue in a code where the case is available only in quality and you are not sure if the changes, we assume to fix the issue will work or not. In such scenarios, we have no other option other than to write the code in development system and then move it to quality which takes time. Instead of that if you can write the code in quality and make sure your changes working then you will be confident to make the changes. The scenario we explained happens in all projects, but this is like a small trick to reduce the time to fix small issues in support project when you don’t have permissions to modify the code in quality system.

There are two function modules available in SAP which gets triggered when you try to modify the code.



Set a breakpoint in these FMs and modify the SY-SUBRC to 0 and see the magic. You will be able to modify the code in quality and test the changes.

Remember that this is a not good practice to modify the code in quality system. If you do so, make sure to apply the changes in development system and revert the changes in quality system before moving the TR from Dev to quality.

Hope you liked this trick.

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