How To Debug Pop-Up In SAP ABAP

Sometimes, there will be a case where you have to debug the process but that process is found after a click on popup. In such cases you cannot enter /h command to start debugging. In this case, we have to activate the debugger before clicking any button on popup. And for that there are two methods which are frequently used. 

One is by creating a shortcut from SAP logon pad and other is by creating a text file with debugger commands. In both methods, at the final step we have to drag and drop the files on popup displayed to activate the debugger. 

Method 1 using Shortcut

Create a shortcut from SAP GUI. 

Change the title suitable to identify for your system. Change tcode to /h and location to save the shortcut and click on finish. 
From the Desktop drag and drop the shortcut on popup to activate the debugger. 

Once you click on popup debug will start. 

Method 2 Using text file

This is one which I always prefer. 

Place below code in text file. For example debug.txt and save it. 


Drag and drop text file on popup to activate debugger. After clicking on popup the debugger will get activated. 

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